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Lake Mary’s friendly eye care specialists

Schedule for a comprehensive eye exam, update your prescription, and improve your visual experience at Lake Mary Eye Care.

Dr. Love and team of eye care specialists can help you with all your eye care needs, including:

  • Eye exams
  • Eyewear & lens options
  • Non-surgical vision correction
  • Children’s vision
  • Ocular diseases

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Lake Mary Eye Care team

About Us

About Us

We are a full scope optometry practice dedicated to providing the highest quality of eye care service for both children and adults.

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Dr. Love

Dr. Love

Dr. Love and staff strive to show compassion in practice with the highest ethical standards to establish a trusting relationship with our patients.

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Our Location

Our Location

Our eye care center is located just minutes off of I-4 in the Lake Mary Professional Campus in Lake Mary, FL.

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  • "No More Dry/ Tired Eyes, No More Night Glare/Bright Light Sensitivity I never write reviews. I’m 52 years old and this is my second. That is how impressed I am by Dr. Love. First issue: Dry/Tired/Burning eyes. This has been an issue for years, I spent countless dollars on OTC ‘solutions’, I saw many ‘experts, all for naught. I never knew if I was tired or if just my eyes where tired. I just knew I felt tired all the time. With Dr. Love’s few, simple suggestions I don’t feel tired anymore! I love to read, this issue was preventing my favorite hobby, my quality of life. I am able to read/watch TV/stay up later at night again. This has also increased the quality of my work and family life. Feeling tired makes me cranky, and the later the day got the crankier I got. Second Issue: Night Glare/Bright Light Sensitivity. This was getting so bad I dreaded driving at night. I have a 13-year-old son; thus, I am a full-time taxi service, the blindness I felt from oncoming headlights scared me to the point I feared for his welfare. Last night, taking him to practice, as the days get shorter, I did not even have to flip up my rear-view mirror into ‘night traffic mode’. I went to see Dr. Love about needing new glasses. I had accepted the fact that there was no ‘cure’ for these issues, it was just a fact of life, getting older and I needed to learn to live with it. Who knew I would leave solving two huge quality of life issues (along with better vision). He is the only Dr. I have ever visited who took the time to ask questions beyond just my vision. My only regret is that I waiting so long to take a doctor’s (my own niece!) advise and see Dr. Love sooner."

    Sean Cunningham
    Orlando, FL


  • "I am very particular about who I see for our eye checkups because glaucoma is prevalent in our family and because my youngest has neurological problems that affect her eyes. Dr. Love does a great job managing these problems! I'm grateful to have a doctor that we can trust."

    Leah Brooks
    Central Florida Patient


  • "This is an office filled with caring, knowledgeable professionals. It is a seamless process from tests to sharing results. I have never been so well-informed on my personal eye health. Lake Mary Eye Care is not just a place to get a prescription and buy glasses. All personnel are clearly focused on your individual eye health needs. Now for the fun part! What an outstanding selection of eyewear! I didn't purchase new everyday glasses, but while I browsed for prescription sunglasses, my "old" glasses received a little special treatment making them look new again! This was a most pleasant experience. Thank you to all."

    Sandra Whitefield
    Central Florida Patient


  • "During a routine eye exam, Dr. Love recommended an MRI test be done, as he was concerned with some unfound problems. The MRI detected a Meningeal Tumor located between the back of my brain and skull. A specialist surgeon successfully removed the tumor. I truly believe Dr. Love’s skill and thoroughness saved my life."

    Winifred “Teddi” Wharff
    Central Florida Patient


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