Gentle Vision Shaping System: The Laser Eye Surgery Alternative

Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS) not only offers freedom from glasses, it can enhance the lifestyle of those requiring vision correction without the use of any surgery.

Up to 25% of the US population has some severity of myopia, a refractive error that effects the eye’s ability to focus on images clearly. Myopia is most often found in children between ages 8 and 12 and develops rapidly through the teenage years. Gentle Vision Shaping System is a practical solution to myopia, it can slow myopia progression by 50%.

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While many have heard of laser eye surgery or LASIK, some may find the procedure too risky. Laser eye surgery for instance is irreversible; GVSS is both non-surgical and reversible.

Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK has also been shown to increase dry eye syndrome; GVSS does not. Patients who also take various prescriptions can also be at risk of side-affects with laser eye surgery; GVSS is not affected by prescriptions.

GVSS has also been shown to slow down the progression of myopia, or nearsightedness.

Lastly, if your cornea is too thin for Lasik then GVSS may be a great way to be free of glasses and contact during all waking hours.

Some more reasons to consider GVSS instead of LASIK

  • It stops or slows down the progression of myopia
  • Inconvenienced by daytime contacts or glasses
  • Children may be too young for LASIK
  • Soft contacts can be irritating

With the Gentle Vision Shaping System, a device is used to gently mold/reshape the cornea (the clear tissue on the front of the eye), similar to the way a laser reshapes the cornea. Unlike a laser, however, GVSS is done non-surgically while you are asleep.


  • "Dr. Love listened closely to me and corrected my eyesight. He was able to prescribe me the perfectt glasses to use at work, which has made all the difference! Also, I have to give a HUGE shout out to Ashley. She helped me find the right frames. Ashely is so knowledgeable about glasses and helped me get the right fit, protective coating, and at antiglare - my eyes have never felt better!! Thank you all :) "

    SE Batch

  • "AMAZING. Dr. Love suggested the scleral lens and I LOVE them. I had a recent visit to update my lenses and while I was wearing the trial lens I advised him that he would have to call the authorities to get the lenses back from me. They are that great. They are the only lenses I can use since I do not qualify for lasik surgery. I have a cornea issue and the scleral lens has been a God sent to my vision. Thank you Dr. for recommending these lenses. "

    Elena Rubio

  • "Great visit, as usual. I can't thank Dr. Love enough for his expertise and guidance. Never have to wait long. Office is clean, and staff is friendly. They were great ordering backup glasses for me in a hurry before my trip. "

    Nick W

  • "Wonderful team and wonderful Doctor. Really enjoyed the experience, they not only tell you what their findings are but they also teach you and help you understand everything. Dr. Love was super sweet and made me feel very comfortable and it was nice knowing that I can count on him and his team for assistance. I also appreciate Adriana, she was super pleasant and really helped me through the process of insurance coverage and appointment setting to fit my work schedule needs. Highly recommend!"

    Gina Verdon

  • "Dr Love and his staff are terrific. I have severe astigmatism in one eye, so bad that wearing glasses caused headaches and lasik was not the optimal route. Dr Love suggested I try a sclera lens in their office - BAM! - perfect vision in an eye I've never seen clearly through, ever. Glad we chose Lake Mary Eye Care."

    Ernie Lyon